BRILLO, much more than a Magazine!

Italian and international brands, different for sector and brief, have chosen us for the creative direction of projects related to the world of illustration. Our contacts with the best illustrators in circulation allow us to propose the perfect talent to our clients: we take care of the selection of
talents, of the technical supervision of their work – consistent with the indications provided in the
initial briefing – until delivery.

CREATIVE CONTENT, created in collaboration with the best illustrators;
SPONSORED CONTENT such as advertising, articles, interviews in our print magazine and social content.

Our collaborations and partnerships

Caffè Design, Caron Technology,, Colvin, CUOA Business School, Eccetera Studio, Enel, Flo Magazine, IED, NiS New Italia Shoes, Palinurobar, Pastiglie Leone, Patagonia, Red bull, Sample Lover, Sea Shepherd, 7 Corriere.